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Fundraising loans posted on the message board of the Mindful Bunch team (TMB)
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  • Grocery Store
    Needs $800 (of 1925)
    14 months (monthly)
    Time left: 18 days 9 hours
    Page 2, Pos. 14
    Last loan : 1615271941
    Mona needs a loan to buy grocery food products and increase her sales to earn more income that will help pay for her children's education fees and help her husband with household expenses.
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  • Clothing Sales
    Needs $3150 (of 4275)
    10 months (monthly)
    Time left: 3 days 23 hours
    lower than Page 5
    Last loan : 1615270217
    Mujeres Con Proposito Group needs a loan to buy various styles of clothing and jewellery.
  • Personal Housing Expenses
    Needs $775 (of 1075)
    21 months (irregularly)
    Time left: 21 days 9 hours
    lower than Page 5
    Last loan : 1615270217
    Guljahon needs a loan to purchase construction materials to renovate her house.
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